Sunday, April 29, 2012

Take (210) Two-hundred & Ten

Uhm, excuse me...
I don't think we've been properly introduced.
I'm Amber Lynn and, 
I DO know you!
What do you know? She's back...

Ahahaha. Annnnnnnyway.

I was stalking reading a blog tonight written by
the wife of a good friend I had in College @BYU
and I thought to myself, 
"If she & I knew each other, we would be BESTFRIENDSFORLIFE."
Yes, Cheesy, I KNOW. 
But I thought it nonetheless. 
can you tell I am thoroughly enjoying 

Her blog inspired me to coooooomeeeee baaaaackkkk  update mine.

Let's see. Fun things-----Funnnnnnnnnn Thiinnnnnnnngs. 

1. I went to General Conference 
{more on that in a whole different blog post. 
Uhhhhm tomorrow.}

2. I am working for a company called 
'Framed Legacy' {and still @NB} and their artwork is awesome...
And I get to have all of the 'damaged' art. 

3. While working for said company, I got THE WORST 
{and my first} case of hives. Oh, it was glorious UGLY.

4. I am looking for a reliable car to purchase...
Reliable meaning, 
it has to drive to Utah and back several times this summer
and NOT break down.
{If you have suggestions, PLEASE spill!}

5. I am making decorations/ decorating the cultural hall for the
Cinco de Mayo Multi-stake YSA activity 
on Saturday.
{PS: If you have a Mexican Flag, can I borrow it for said activity?}

The biggest news? 


In less than 3 weeks.

{and I am soooooooo excited about it!}
{surprised? Me too!}

And that's the long and short of my life for the moment. 
Good luck to you this coming week!
{especially if you are studying for finals or are going 
to be in the Union Hills Lip Sync FHE tomorrow.}



Taisha said...

I love you!!! Let me know when you move down cause its been so stinkin long and I woul love to see you :)

Steph & Ryan said...

You updated! :) Sounds like some fun adventures are ahead for you! What're you moving to Utah for?

Andrea and Reid said...

Say WHAT?!!! You are coming back to me?!!! So you will visit me right?! Get my number from my mom and dad, and be sure and TEXT ME! Soon! So I can get updated on exactly when, and where you will be living, so we can hang out, and we can have you over and stuff!!