Monday, April 30, 2012

General Conference & Other Wanderings

As promised, "The Utah" post.
It's a novel.


Kaylee & I took off in Ruby on Thursday.
We drove alllllllll daaaaayyyyy and sang show tunes for the first half of the trip
and 'glee' songs {no repeats!} for the rest of the trip.
You had better believe that there were some mad dance skills
& sustained high notes goin' on.

We also played 'Hey Cow'. If you have never played, 
well....make sure you have some throat lozenges handy.

FRIDAY {You're Welcome :) }

The next day we went to Kneaders.
We went around 11, so Kaylee & Jessica got some french toast,
& I decided that I wanted a Panini.
Well, she got her french toast....and Jessica got some french toast....
and I waited patiently for my Panini.
After about 15 minutes, I went and talked to the manager,
"Oh, it should be right out!" 
"Okey doke!"
Fifteen minutes later I went and talked to them again.
"Uhm, I'm not mad, I just want my food..."
"We are SO sorry! Here's a free cookie!"
{Let me just say, the Panini was cold and the cookie was not better.
I am told I need to stick to the french toast.} 
But we laughed it off and then did some shopping.
After we shopped a little bit, 
we went to the 
Sacovitches, Sackovitches, Sacowitches Sakovitch's 
{Spell check anyone?}
where we stayed Friday & Saturday night- to 
drop off our luggage.
And then we picked up 
Lars & Chelsey so we could go to dinner 
and then to Kaylee & Larz's Mission Reunion.
We went to dinner and I was last to order.
Chelsey, Larz, and Kaylee all got their food....
and I waited. And Waited. And waited.
20 minutes went by and I went and talked to them.
Oh! Sorry it will be right out.
At this point I almost started crying.
Let's just say that the day was an
emotionally stressful one for me....
And when I don't eat, I get even more emotional.
10 minutes later, my food arrived 
with a coupon for a free meal.
We laughed again. 
Late food twice in one day! 
From then on, I was not allowed to be the last one to order my food.

At the mission reunion Chelsey & I went & talked 
in the lobby. We didn't know anyone and they were all talking in 
Espanol. We had fun!

After that we went home and got ready for bed.


I woke up at 4am and could NOT go back to sleep.
So I listened to music and tried not to move on the creaky bed.
Oh man. I laugh just thinking about it!

Around 7:30 I got up and got ready-
And at 8:30 Andy picked me up and we headed 
to his house for breakfast. 
{Which was YUMMY french toast!}
So we ate and then played the piano
and then watched the first session of General Conference.
Then we took the Trax down to City Creek Mall,
which is GORGEOUS.
It has a creek running through it. And a retractable glass roof
"so when it's raining you can still eat your ice cream outside"
as Andy said. 
{Sounds like my kind of day!}
It also has some fountains that the designers of The Bellagio fountains designed.
We didn't get to see them in action, but that is on my list 
for this summer.
This is a view from the Sky Bridge 
It was awesome!
{and perfect for people watching}

We toured a few stores-
 They have some fabulously trendy ones, 
like H&M, Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co.
and Brooks Brothers where we met John Barraclough
who is one of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met, 
and Andy tried on some fancy suit jackets.
John even has embossed business cards. 
Talk about fancy!

We then went to the Conference Center and
squeezed by a cute old couple to take our seats. 
Conference was great! {duh.}
Afterwards, we met up with Kaylee and she snapped a picture for us.
 {quality is poor because it was on my itouch-
but it's a good picture nonetheless, no?}

We headed back towards the mall and Andy snapped a picture for Kaylee & I
{because, silly us, we hadn't taken any.}
and then Kaylee & I headed to a girls dinner 
and Andy headed back for Priesthood session.

We stopped to take pictures of some beautiful blossoms

and snap another picture in the wind... Haha. 

And then we went to the Blue Lemon for dinner.
{No late food this time!}

We THEN went to Cocoa Bean.
Where my FAVORITE cupcakes are.
'Better than whatever'

It was a SUPER good day!

And on top of it all we decided to get a Hotel 
because we were on vacation and needed to relax.
So we splurged and stayed at the Hilton
Saturday & Sunday Night.
And OH, how GLORIOUSLY we slept.
Each in our own pillow-topped bed,
with a soft & heavy comforter.


We woke up and watched conference.
We opened the window to see the mountains
& watched as the fog crept down them. 
It was a pretty low key day.
Kelley & Tara came over and we caught up!
And then we decided to be roommates again.
Because THAT was so fun!

PS: Did anyone else bawl like a baby through 
that second session?
Especially in Elder Anderson's Talk?
{at about 8:30}


We woke up and got packed up.
And then we went to breakfast @ Magelby's
where I ate one plate of french toast and
almost got sick. 
{And truthfully, it didn't compare to the french toast
I had on Saturday. Which was bomb.}
We then stopped back by the Hotel
because I was silly & had left my pillow 
and sweater. Oops.

We then drove off into the sunset blazing-ly bright sun  
and enjoyed the scenery on our way home.
{singing Disney songs most of the way.
Don't be jealous.}

And they all Lived Happily Ever After.
The End.



The Hargrove Family said...

Good post & cute pictures! Talk of all that delicious food you ate made me hungry.

Lindsey Smith said...

I love all your pictures. You are the most gorgeous woman ever! Inside and out!