Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thoughts from the girl with the Rootbeer Shake

Today I went to 5 & Diner for dinner.
{Please note that I went at 5 PM!}
It's across the street from work and I had never been.
As I walked up,
I saw huge red & white striped umbrellas
that were protecting the very distinguished 
Floridan looking guests from the sun & misters.
They looked like they had been going there since the 50's.
{So cute!}

The inside of the diner was also adorable;
red bar stools at the counter,
antiqued appliances,
wait staff in white,
and black & white checkered floor.
I felt like I had walked into a movie scene.

While drinking my delicious rootbeer shake,
I found myself looking at those old friends
and their muscle cars in an atmosphere that they were 
completely comfortable in,
and it brought me tremendous joy. 
{you sentimental sap}
I wonder if there will ever be 2012 themed restaurants?
{and if so, what would they look like?}

I decided that it 5 & diner would be a perfect place to 
go on a 50's themed date night.
Wouldn't that be a blast?!
Poodle Skirt & bobby socks.
Saddle shoes & Pin curls!

And of course,
 a handsome man
with oil-slicked hair,
dressed in a white t-shirt & jeans
with a comb in his back pocket.

{ ♥.}

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