Saturday, January 7, 2012

Opportunities for Happiness

'Attitude is Everything'- I've said it for years; This week, I found out that it's true! I can't believe what a good week I've had in spite of the crazy happenings. I've decided to be happy this year, no matter what! Of course there will be those days that will be hard, but finding something good in them will make all the difference. No wasted time.

My family went camping this week- we had such a good time despite leaving quite a bit later than we would have liked, having to switch cars, check tires, decide to switch campsite locations because of closures, and then having to drive 45 minutes back into town to get a permit to camp at the chosen site (My dad and I had a great time & conversation!)---We were all pretty patient and had a nice relaxing time. We shot BB Rifles, played in the fire, sat around and learned about important things like time value of money (S was reading a money book and we were all discussing) and quoting kid history like crazy- Haha! That first night, I was FREEZING. I had a mummy bag (which was not good considering I am claustrophobic) and it wouldn't zip up all the way- Hahaha! SO, as I was putting on another layer of clothing to get warmer, I heard this dying rabbit- it was SCREAMING. So I'm thinking, "Great. WHERE is that and WHAT is killing it?" I had to go to the bathroom and no had no flashlight. So freezing me, decides to get into the Truck and warm up. One problem...the truck is diesel, and if I had started that at 2:30 in the morning....WHEW. That wouldn't have been the best idea ever. So I sat there freezing for an hour with my Ipod touch charging...and decided to look for a flashlight to go to the bathroom...luckily my Grandparents keep the Truck well equipped- I found a mag-light in the glovebox! So I went to the bathroom, got back in the truck, sat there til 6 with my music on, playing 'Unblock Me'. I then decide that I was too cold to go on, and tried to start a fire, and that's when my parents gave me the Van keys so I could turn on the seat warmers- WHAT GLORIOUS THINGS SEAT-WARMERS ARE!!! Anyway- I took a good nap that day while the sun was up. I was proud of myself for not being out of sorts- just tired! :) The next night, I got an extra sleeping bag and a fleece liner and slept very soundly. I loved it!

After we got back into town Kaighty came to visit! We went to lunch at Graziano's Pizzeria, then went Laser Tagging, THEN went to Studio Movie Grill and ate dinner WHILE we watched Sherlock Holmes 2. It was SWEET. The next morning we slept in and hung out. We looked up some pretty interesting scriptures too. Haha! That night (Thurs.) my family went to my Grandparent's house to visit- My cousins Merica & Jaron and their son Jaxon were in Town! I love them! It was soooo good to see them!

Friday I went back to work- And of course, there was a little bit of Drama. What's work without Drama? I was glad to not get all wrapped up in it. "Whatevs!"

And then Friday night I got the stomach flu... Ben & I were simultaneously sick all night- It was actually sort of comical.  BUT I have been feeling much better this afternoon- just kind of queasy. And I got to watch my favorite movie "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, and Alan Rickman.

S left for college tonight, and the room feels empty without her. I miss her already! But I know she'll have fun this semester!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and having it be a day of rest. I have really had an awesome week and am excited for the rest of the year!!!

"Out of Clutter, find Simplicity. From Discord, find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity." -Albert Einstein


Emily Gardner said...

randomly found your blog and wanted to thank you for the inspiring post. It IS all about attitude and I want mine to be better. Not to just be happy when things are good, but even when they're downright awful and nothing goes as planned. What's the point of depriving ourselves of happiness just because something goes wrong? Thanks for the inspiration!

Ryan and Crystalee said...

Thanks for your posts - you're such a positive person, Amber. And I'm honored to be in your "Fabulously Fabulous Friends" list! Appreciate it! Hugs from here,