Thursday, October 13, 2011

El Bus

I know this sounds a little funny, but a few weeks ago, I rode the city bus for the first time. And by first time, I mean first time ever. I was REALLY nervous-haha! But Dad helped me figure it out, and Andy told me not to worry, it'd be fine....and of course, it was! I got on near my house, and when I got on, these were my companions- How cute right? 
{I really hope that they aren't in the witness protection program. That would be bad- this was a secret picture.....I think I've watched tooooooooo many crime dramas.}

Anyway, I rode all the way to the next city, and went to work at a different store than I usually do. And about the time that I was supposed to get on the bus to come home, disaster struck. I had to take 3 busses back home. Not 1. I thought I'd save myself $1.75 for 2 blocks and just walk to the 2nd bus.....and I missed the place where it would pick me up. I walked straight past it. TWICE. So I walk around for 45 minutes, see a gas station, go in and ask them for the bus schedule, and it's getting close to the time that the busses would stop running....I was getting nervous. So I find the customer service line, call in and they tell me, walk to this bus stop, get on here, get off here, get on this bus, get off here.....blah, blah, blah. Luckily, there was a really nice lady at the ORIGINAL bus stop I was supposed to be at, and she helped me catch the SECOND bus too ( You know, the one I completely walked by twice?). AND by the time I got to the third bus stop, I had missed the last bus... I waited for like 15 minutes- And then I got a text from Mom- B is done with his game, text me if you need me. A phone call and 10 minutes later I was in the van on my way home. Hahaha! OH my goodness. I've since learned that it's worth the $1.75 to NOT get lost in a city you don't know for 45 minutes in the dark. And the bus isn't so bad. 

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