Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thinks I Think

A few Thoughts:

Do you know that feeling when everything in your life starts to fall into place, even if it's just for two minutes? I love that! Heavenly Father always always ALWAYS has a plan to success- no matter what stage of  life, trial, or mistake we may come to him in, there is always a way to succeed and be happy. It's all about your heart and the mindset you have when you ask Him for help.

Blessings always ALWAYS follow even the smallest righteous action. And most of the time, the windows of Heaven are opened. The tender mercies never cease to amaze me. Whether it's having pennies left in your bank account after paying all your tithing and bills that month, or a much needed 'how are you/ I'm thinking about you' text, or an answered prayer, the love of Christ and Heavenly Father is tangible. 

What enjoyment you get OUT of your life is directly proportional to the effort you put INTO your life.

Thinking about and doing service for others always makes your life easier, even when you think you are too busy to fit in one more 'task'. 

Patience IS a virtue.

Daily Prayers and Scripture Study are essential to stay connected to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The Temple is the House of God. I'm going there someday!

I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ with all of my heart!

I am a Christian!



Kari Lin said...

Amber, I just love you so much. You are AMAZING. You make me happy. I miss you tons!!

The Barb Chronicles said...

so.... did you do it? I wanted to talk to you today, but never saw you.... :) YOU ROCK!