Monday, August 15, 2011

McCleery Wedding and Reception +.

In May I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of weddings- The first of which, was S & B's. Let me 'splain somthin' to you.... My family and B's family are one family. We do tons together...and we love it. We've all been friends since forever. S's older sister is one of my dear friends and her sisters have become mine. Basically, I photographed my Brother and Sister's wedding & reception! S was stunningly beautiful and B was dashingly handsome. The ceremony was wonderful, and when I walked into the reception hall, I was breathless; it was phenomenally decorated. The reception was a blast- These people KNOW how to Party! Take a look!
 {Sister S, R and C}

 {Mom McCleery}

 {The Bridal Party- waiting for the Bride}

{S and Her Dad}

 {The Ceremony}

{You may Kiss the Bride} 

{The McCleerys}

 {The Reception Hall}


 {First Dance}


 {Daddy Daughter Dance}

 {Mother Son Dance}



 {More Dancing}

 {Garter Toss}

 {Two Brothers and a Cousin DIVING for the Garter...}

{Walking out}
Congratulations to the McCleerys!

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Kett & Cam said...

Those are beautiful Amber, great job! I can't believe how they transformed that gym, it's amazing!