Sunday, July 31, 2011

Camp de la Girls +.

Have I told you lately how much I love my calling? I'm convinced that it is THE BEST calling in all the world! When January rolled around, I started getting excited for camp- the other leaders said it was coming quickly and that we had to start planning....I didn't know just HOW fast it would come! January, February, and March went frolicking by, April started the lists of things to be done, May was filled with crafting {my FAVORITE!} and then June came rollin' in! Our theme was "Seek Life's Treasures" and the Value our ward had was Divine Nature so our color was blue....and we put some mighty effort into incorporating the theme into everything we were going to do. {Note to future family: I take on crazy craft projects.}We made some bags with 'Bling' on them  so the girls could carry around anything they would need throughout the day, we had a treasure hunt each day {map and clues done by yours truly}, we had some 'stunnah shades', I made a cute necklace charm for each person going, and in true Amber Lynn Fashion, I painted my nails blue, wore blue and ONLY blue clothes all week, had blue sparkle-y shoe laces, a blue crown and feather boa and blue heels {yes HEELS} to welcome our only 1st year to camp, wore two SWEET bling rings all week....and of course participated in all dancing, running, jumping, flying, hiking, dancing, and hair-braiding activities. I loved it! However I now know what kind of planning is involved in camp...and it took me about 3 weeks after camp to recover. I was so tired! Now I'm ready to do it again!

{Hair braiding}
{Blinged bags}

{Necklace Charms}

{Treasure Map}

{Welcoming Outfit}
{Yay Kelsey!}

{Oh man.}



Kari Lin said...

I want to go back and be a YW and have YOU as my leader! You are seriously the coolest leader ever!! The blue heels are the best!!!

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

I agree with kari, but your camp is way nicer than the one I went to. Bunk beds? We had cabins with our cushioning. Looks like fun. You did so many fun crafts. :)

Kimbie said...
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Kimbie said...

Aw man, Kari totally beat me to it! I was going to say the exact same thing! Amazing Amber- I don't know how you do it!