Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Letter

Dear World,

Hello from the long lost land of Berlynn! Haha. Ok- bad joke.

This year has flown by. I can't believe it. Everyone says that it just goes faster and faster. Maybe it's because we adjust to eternal time the more that we are alive? Who knows.

Anyway, This past month has been great! We had four {Count them, FOUR} Graduations this month! First S from EAC, then B & M from Desert Sky, and Today D from Deer Valley! Whoo!!! I'm so proud of my siblings! {Mom may have shed a couple of happy tears.}

And it's been a wedding filled month! Last week was the McCleery Wedding, which was BEAUTIFUL. And Tomorrow- Well Tomorrow is BIG. Tomorrow, I get to take the pictures at one of my very best friend's open house/reception. I. am. SO. excited. And so so so happy for the Bradleys! More to come on that!

On another note, Young Women's has been great! I love those girls so much! It's so fun to see them grow! Haha! They Crack me up! Girls Camp is coming soon, and man, our cheers are DIVINE. ;)

I'm pretty excited for life to settle down a little bit. I feel a little tired after this week! But I'm so happy to have had an opportunity to make so many memories! I hope that you are all doing well. May God be with you!!!


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