Friday, March 11, 2011


Two Thousand Eleven has been kind of crazy. Haha! I've done a ton- I can't believe it's going by so quickly!

Since I last blogged, I have:

1. Started a bootcamp class- I LOVE it.

2. Visited Kaight & Liz in Lake Havasu City.

3. Gotten a Sweet Letter from Sister Nora Hansen and another from Sister Ally Snow.

4. Gotten a Promotion.

5. Done a few craft projects.

6. Worked like Crazy ( I eat, sleep and breathe New Balance.)  {PS: Have you tried the Minimus Shoes? They are FABULOUS.}

7. Taken a Photography Workshop

8. Accompanied a flute player at Solo & Ensemble.

9. Taught Photo tinting to my Beehives.

10. Watched 'North & South'.

I'm sure there are SO many more things. Hopefully, I can blog more about these things soon! For now that will have to do, as I want to put a new background on the blog. :)

Peace out Homies!

Oh and P.S. Please Pray for those in Japan and Hawai'i  affected by the tsunamis and earthquakes.

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Micah & Kat said...

sounds like a very busy year so far. Congrats girlie!!