Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year.

Some are probably expecting all of my New Year Resolutions on this post. Well, that's not the case this year. I figure, that it is only an important NYR if I can keep it without being reminded or an attitude of  "I'm-scared-of-the-judgments-of-others-if-I-don't-keep-it". And you know, I think it will hold a higher accomplishment value if I can do all of the things I want to this year for myself; not for others. So while I need the support and encouragement of dear friends and family, I would like you to continue just being there for me. Thank you so much for your love! I have felt it strongly this past year.

And now, as 2010 has closed {with all of it's jobless-ness, moving, finding myself again (which is tough!), and all of the other negative things} I will leave those negative things behind, remember the finer moments of 2010, and hope, work, and pray for an even better 2011.

Finer Moments of 2010:
-Cleaning the Sink @ Angie's with my Roommies.
-Sledding & Watching Movies on the Bigscreen @ the McLaughlin's in Idaho.
-Directing the Ward Choir with LOTS of help and support of others!
-Singing in the BYU Women's Chorus & Being on the Publicity Committee when we 'Sold Out' a Solo Concert.
-Having Friends Come Visit me in Utah (Oh HEY Katie Williams!)
-Mom Coming up for Women's Conference
-Movie Nights/Going on Midnight Runs with Roommies and Nora.
-Road Trip to SLC to see Merica & Jaron get married and getting to see the rest of the Martin/Jansons too!
-Going to see the Gila Valley Temple
-Teaching Swimming Lessons
-Getting a New Job
-My last talk with Nora before she Went on a Mission.
-Going to Parker to Hang out with Kaighty Scott
-Visiting Ally Snow on Her Birthday
-Hanging out with the Brittney Chapman in Mesa
-Going to Josh & Kayla's Wedding Reception
-Shooting some engagements for Ben & Mallory
-Flying to Utah and Spending a week re-united with my BFF's (Honey, WHERE is my SUPER SUIT?!)
-Getting to see the Taylors
-Watching a FABULOUS BYU football game-We won!
-Having Sheri Ward come and visit AZ
-Thanksgiving at our house
-Running a 10k, doing one the next monday, and then going 10 miles the next monday after that.
-Having a Game Night at Grandma Gail's and Papa Tom's with Mary too!
-High School Lunch table Reunion.
-Singing in the Ward Choir and doing the Descant
-Fireworks Christmas Night
-Going to Olive Garden with my Family to hang out and laugh our heads off.
-Going to see 'Tangled' with Mom & Stephie right after Olive Garden.
-Having a Girls night at Grandma Janet's
-New Years Eve Party at our house

I'm sure that SO many other moments could have been on that list. 2011 is going to be a Grand Year. I can feel it!

I hope that 2011 is a year of happiness for you too!


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