Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keep Going

Life. It's.....well, complicated sometimes. Believe it or not, I'm one of those perfectionists who completely lose it or give up if the situation isn't exactly how I hoped it'd be. This year is the end of that. Already I have found myself telling myself that everything is ok, and to just try again. Pretty crazy right? The second day in and I've already needed to have a 'redo' or two. Haha.

I realized today that life comes with little trials. After we overcome that first little trial, we get a little bigger trial. These little trials give us the opportunity to grow and become stronger. We all want that right?

Because we can now handle those little trials, and in order to become a little stronger, we receive an even bigger one. And life continues in this fashion, all the while making us stronger and proving to us that God walks with us, beside us, through every single one. He cares. And loves us. And we'll come out on top.

Sometimes we need a 'redo' - But God has thought of that too. It's ok. Keep trying. Don't give up. There's always a way, and the one who knows it is walking with you, beside you- whispering, "Keep Going."


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J said...

Amber, this post was wonderful. I admit, I've had a LOT of redo's this last year. But they made me stronger in so many aspects. Life is difficult sometimes, you are right. But wouldn't we forget about all the positive if it was always easy?
I hope you are doing great. Big hug from Leipzig!