Monday, January 3, 2011

Laundry Day

Today was Laundry Day. Now, please ask me, "Is your Laundry done?" Want to guess what the answer is??? OK ok. At least it's all WASHED- there is one more load to be dried and it all needs to be put away.

Work was pretty good today- I really do like helping people. And most people really like being helped. :)
But I have one pet peeve. PUHLEASE tell me that you are not one of those people who NEVER says GOODBYE before you hang up the phone! It happens to me ALL DAY LONG. Just wait for the person helping you to say, "You're Welcome and Have a Nice Day." Please. Be polite. I mean it. Have a good day! It's not a habit! I won't say it if I don't mean it! *Sigh* Glad that's over for the day.

Family Dinner was great- Baked Ziti! And for Dessert, SWEET CHEX! Yum! And Laughs all around. I love those good times. It makes me SO glad that I moved home.

Well, that's about it for today. I hope that you showed someone an increase of love/care today. Everyone needs a little now and then!


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