Friday, May 7, 2010

Hair-do you do?

So my hair has been LONG and DARK for a little while, but no longer- it is now SHORT with Blonde highlights. And it’s Red-ish, not brown. {Boxed hair dyes are fun while they last!}  Anyway, I was a little nervous to cut it short again. I remembered that I had really enjoyed my short hair, but I loved being able to curl my hair when I felt like it, and it was really thick and pretty. The problem was it hadn’t been cut since AUGUST 2009. {Whoa.} I emailed my Aunt S [who happens to be an awesome hairstylist] and asked her to help me make the transition back to blonde/short…
I walk into the Salon, and Aunt S pulled out her Magic Scissors. The shorter my Hair got, the more excited I became. {OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU SHORT HAIR!} I had forgotten all of the perks of having short hair. And just so I don’t forget again, I have listed them below for your reading pleasure ;]

  • |  Drying time goes from 20 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • |  Styling takes 8 minutes at the most.
  • |  I can feel the breeze/sunshine on my neck.
  • |  If it gets “Messed Up” I can run my fingers through it and it’s fixed again.
  • |  No Tangles {I have an über tender head.}
  • |  The Phrase ‘bed head’ actually means something to me.
  • |  I feel sexy Confident.  ;]
  • I love love love love LOVE it.
What do you think?

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Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

I do love the new hairdo...of course...I am so tempted to cut mine off once I start feeling better!!! You would be shocked to know that I havent done anything to my hair in about 3 mos!!! It has been straight as a board with no product in it whatsoever!!! Ugh...but I do love your new pull off so many it!!!

A. L. Martin said...

No way! [you have a dang good excuse though!] Thanks Love!

Randi said...

Love it!!!

The Pritchard Party said...

Love your short hair! and I love my short hair. Sometimes I miss long, so I'll probably do what you did... grow it out long and then CHOP IT OFF again :)