Friday, May 7, 2010

The Appointment

OH how I LOATH the Dentist’s Office. I went on Tuesday to get my teeth cleaned. I hadn’t been there since 12/23/2008. {I was serious about loathing it!} The Hygenist tried to guilt trip me about it, and I tried to be polite. It wasn’t fair that I already felt like I was going to Ralph all over everything already- I had to go unhinge my jaw for a ½ hour while someone stuck gross tasting gloves and red mystery toothpaste in my mouth. Oh and let’s not forget the things they try to get you to spend more money on your mouth. “Have you ever had Braces? No? There’s a gap right between your front teeth {Oh really? I was born with that.} and It might keep spreading” {Nope. Always been the same size.}  “You still have your wisdom teeth {Fun Fact: I still have all 4 of my wisdom teeth.}- I’m not an advocate for wisdom teeth. You keep them very clean and do a good job with them. But when you get older your….Wah wah, wah wah wah, wah.” Haha. Here’s the good news- I have one cavity. The good news about that? It’s not my fault. It’s UNDER a FILLING. Yup. Under it. {ARE YOU KIDDING?! How did it get UNDER a FILLING?!} OH well. It looks like I’ll be going back sooner than I would like.
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Andrea and Reid said...

You are funny! going to the dentist is FUN!!! and you should just come and see me when I am a little faster, and then you will for SURE like it!! ;)

Kari Lin said...

woah!! Good thing they caught that cavity fast!! That's what happened to me.. except it was too late for me.. I had to get a root canal!!!

The Pritchard Party said...

boooo... I hate the dentist too. That's probably for good reason since I'm not the best at taking care of my teeth and they always make me feel guilty when I go.

I had a cavity under a filling once too! weird!