Friday, May 7, 2010

Lucky 13 {x2}

Today is B & M’s Birthday! {Too bad both don’t have names that start with ‘m’s. Wait! If I call them both Martin…} Today is M & M’s birthday! {Ha.} They are 13. Lucky them. ;) They started the morning with music too- at 5:40am – and it was the Birthday Song sung by yours truly and the rest of the fam. I love that tradition. {Thanks Mama!} The boys are getting SO TALL. B is already taller than me by a couple of inches and M is catching him. I can’t handle it. And they are so different! Their personalities are completely opposite. They kind of end-cap the family personality spectrum: B is reserved and slyly mischievous and SUPER competitive and loves all things sports. M is LOUD and BOISTEROUS and DRAMATIC and loves all things creative. I love them! [Note: They are excited to be excused from school today, but are NOT excited to have to sit in a car for six or seven hours. Poor Kids Teenagers. {SAY WHAT?!} Thank Heaven for their Ipods and DS things.] They go to 8th grade next year….Old Farts! Happy Birthday Guys!
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