Friday, May 7, 2010

Musical Morning

OH How glorious it is to start the morning off with song!
At the moment I am in the car listening to BYU Men’s chorus. Yes. You read that right. I am indeed in the car on a road trip to Thatcher while typing. {We are going to see the Gila Valley Temple. [And S too.] } I have three six whole hours to update my blog! Whew. I have a list AS LONG AS MY ARM reminding me what I need to write about. The only thing that may stop me is Car Sickness. It’s a terrible thing. Blugh. Hopefully, the wondrous little thing called Dramamine will work! Anywho…
I have been stalking reading several blogs that I LOVE lately, and I realized that the reason I love them is the authors are so down to earth and have a talent for writing eloquently and connecting with their readers. They are REAL. I want to be able to write like them. I SO enjoy reading a well written blog post. {Some of my favs? Visit these sites- you will love them too! {Chelsea} {Ashley} {NieNie} {Little Widder} } I hope to transform myself blog into one of these well written and loved blogs. I have big plans world- Look out! I’m a comin’!
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PS: I am attempting to make the posts short, so it doesn’t feel like you are reading a Novel… But there are 112  11 new ones, soooooo good luck, and thanks for checking up on me!

PPS: The Temple was BEAUTIFUL!

PPPS: I believe I have been working on this blog since 7:30am. It is now 12:17am. Sick.


Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

I know you were prolly very busy...but I am sad in the fact that I was unable to see you while you were in the area...but I am glad you had fun seeing the temple and being with the fam...LOVE LOVE!!!

Randi said...

Your blog is adorable! And you take beautiful pictures.

ashley said...

Amber! I'm so sad that you're not coming back to P-town. You are ALREADY so very missed! But taking a step, with faith, into the dark is often times when the biggest growth and most exciting things happen to us. So move forward! And I have to THANK YOU for your compliments on my blog. I often feel as though my contemplative musings are of little interest to most people. And fear often makes me apprehensive to publish such honest words, but I'm so happy to hear it has meant something to someone. You have just made my week!