Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Janson

My cousin Jaron got married last month- I love his new wife Merica- She is adorable. {And she has “smiley eyes” as Grandma pointed out.} I loved being with them all day long. I sat with my cousins John & Julia and we had Jenny’s kids Allie & Leah too! Naturally, I pulled out the camera as I would not be caught dead without my mom’s camera at a wedding.  Allie spun and twirled and completely loved being in front of the camera. She is SO cute. And Leah is so sweet! She just sat there contentedly cuddling with Julia. Then J&M came out of the Temple- {HAPPINESS!}. Next came family photos and posed photos. I kept snapping the candids. I got a few good ones. :) Then came the Luncheon – Merica and her sisters and Jaron all sang. My favorite was Jaron singing “You’re My Everything” by Michael Buble to Merica- I’ve never seen Jaron like that. {Aw, He’s all growed up!}  Then came the Reception- More candid shots… by this time Jaron asked me to take pictures and Aunt Wendy asked me to send them to her. {Note to self: I still need to do that!} J & M are such a beautiful couple. I hope that they are doing well! I ended up snapping pictures all day- and editing them all the next day. {I love Photos!} I think some of them turned out really well.  Spending the day with J & M made me hope for a day of my own like that someday. I want to be married in the temple to a man that I love with all of my heart. It WILL happen! I know it! {And that, makes my heart smile.}

Daddy & Mom
Julia, Leah, John, Allie, Jenny
J&M, Grandma & Papa


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The Pritchard Party said...

jaron sang a love song to a girl in public??? He is grown up!!! :)

All I have to say is, Merica... if you're reading this. WAY TO GO on the cake shoving!! My hubby got me better than I got him... UP the nose ... darnit.