Thursday, May 6, 2010


School. All I have to say is- It’s over. {at least for the semester.} And my overall GPA is 3.10- That’s still ok, right? BLUGH. School.
I’m so frustrated with it. Hence the reason {ok confession time} I failed some of my classes. I just quit trying. {Of course, in all of my MUSIC classes I earned A’s.} I hated feeling like that though. Gross. I usually give 100% in the things I do…  BUT- I am here to tell you, that I am trying to figure out what to do/where to go so that I am not SO frustrated in my school efforts. I received a blessing once, by a close friend who was leaving on his mission: In the blessing, it was stated that I would make it through my semester, AND my education. Luckily I wrote it down, and came across it while moving 2 weeks ago. I found it interesting that it emphasized the fact that I would make it through the semester and my education. Obviously God knows everything- And I’m glad that He saw fit to let me know that I’d make it through my education, because it’s been rough. And I have a feeling that it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.  OK- Pity Party’s over!
Revamped choices for school:
1.       Majors
a.       Music Therapy
b.      Photography
2.       Schools
a.       Utah State
b.      UVU
c.       BYU
d.      BYU-I
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The Pritchard Party said...

I know the feeling. I purposely failed a dance class my freshman year at BYU (overloaded myself way too much!) and I've gotten C's in a couple classes. BOOO!!