Friday, February 26, 2010

+. Obsession.

Uh, dramatic much? Haha. I just love rereading previous posts and LAUGHING at myself. Boo. OH well.

Mmmm. Confession time. I am OBSESSED with Photography, (Especially wedding Photography. What can I say? The pictures are beautifully done, the girl is all dressed up and in a "princess" dress and everyone is Happy!)  SO, while looking at several different photography sites, I came across this guy, David Perry. Well well while on his site [He actually does films] and I came across THE CUTEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN.
Haha. I made all of my roommates watch it and I have personally watched it approximately 10 times. I LOVE IT. Anyway, Enjoy! (and please don't judge me. Lol.)

Crazy Love from David Perry on Vimeo.


Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

So are you gonna have a video for your wedding now???

Amber Lynn said...

Maybe SOMEDAY. haha! I miss you Sarah!

Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

I loved it so much. You are not silly for loving things like this. it just shows your true self. I love that. I think you are awesome and your photos are awesome as well! Love you.

jaronrlines said...

Check out It is my sister's photography web sight!