Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo.....

ALOHA to all my faithful readers! ;] I thought that it was time for an update. Be warned- It's Long, up close, and personal.  

This semester has been Pretty good! I'm enjoying my classes {New Testament, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, Prep for Marriage [the School of Family life one, not the religion class (WHICH I would Recommend to any and all people!)] Women's Chorus, Piano lessons, and Voice Lessons.} My favorites are Prep for Marriage and Voice Lessons. I learn something new EVERY TIME I go to those classes! I love them!

And My Roommate are FANTASTIC! We have TONS of FUN! 

ANYWAY....I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I have been rejected from the music program twice. Therefore, I am not enthused about continuing on that path at the moment here at BYU. Actually, truly and honestly, I don't like BYU. They make you jump through tons of hoops and hundreds of people apply to the programs and 12 make it. DUMB. Expand your programs or accept less students to the school overall. SERIOUSLY.

Uhm... The Options.

1. Pick a new major.

2. Pick a new school.

3. Pick a new major AND a new school.

4. Get away from the University and go to a trade school

5. Drop out of School and get a job

6. Come back to school after I have paid off my student loans and go part time

The, uhm, Options. {With pros/ cons/ comments made by yours truly}

  • Music {singing makes EVERYTHING better.}
    • Teacher {would love to pass on a love/passion for music}
    • Therapist {Love helping people}
    • Performer {never really thought of myself as a performer...maybe in a community theater with my family someday}
  • Interior Design {love being creative/designing things [I can't wait 'til I have my own house to decorate]}
  • Photography {long time hobby of mine that I could turn also turn into a business run from home.}
  • Home and Family Living {very practical for us "stay at home" mom "wannabe"s} =)
2. School:
  • BYU Idaho {still close/but REALLY cold}
  • BYU Hawaii { MMMMMMMM. Only Pros. ONLY pros. [ok, ok. We all know that I would have a REALLY hard time focusing on anything. The beach would be Calling my name!] }
  • Utah State {Small town feel, good friends near and attending University [i also hear they have awesome ice cream. haha!] }
  • Utah Valley University {Close to where I am now, open enrollment}
3. Pick a new major AND a new school...Nuff said.

4. Leave the "University" setting and go to Trade school:
  • Hands on Training 
  • The Huge University setting is Killin' me. {Let's face it. I thrive on attention. Diva.} I love the "small town"/ "community" setting for school! [However, Shopping is a very different story...City girl ALL the way!]
  • Culinary School {I love to cook!}
  • Photography School 
  • Cosmetology School {I love doing hair and make up! Just ask the sister and roommies.}
5. Drop out of School and get a job:
  • I think I would enjoy the free time resulting from no homework to EVER go back.

6. Come back to school after I have paid off my student loans and go part time
  • The smart thing to do if I pick #5. {Which I will not do! Education is too important.}
And now I need to decide....WELLLLLLLLLLLL, I was listening to my Ipod today at work and I decided to put it on shuffle. SO I was just listening to a ton of different songs, and all of a sudden, a talk by Brad Wilcox came on. Can I just say that it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear?! A few weeks ago M was saying that maybe I was supposed to go to Provo and study Music at that specific time, but maybe now, since I've been here, I can go somewhere else and move on. And I thought, 'I don't that possible? Especially when I felt so strongly that I was supposed to be in Provo and Studying music? ' And today, while listening to that talk, Brother Wilcox started talking about that exact thing. He was saying "...Sometimes there's a green light, sometimes there's a red light, and sometimes the traffic light actually changes...consider the experience that Jeffrey R. Holland and his Son Matt had...on the way back from an exploring trip, on backwood country roads, they came to an unexpected fork in the road. It was late in the day and they knew that darkness would be enveloping them shortly. Seizing a teaching moment, Elder Holland asked Matt to pray for direction...[Matt] felt strongly they should go to the left. Realizing that he felt the same way, Elder Holland turned the truck to the left and continued on. Ten minutes later they came to a dead end, and returned to take the other route. Matt thought for a time and then asked his father why they would get that kind of an answer to a prayer. His father replied that, with the sun going down, that was undoubtedly the quickest way for God to give them information; in this case, which one was the wrong road. Now, though the other road might not be familiar, and could be difficult in places, they could proceed confidently, knowing it was the right one, even in the dark..." *BING!* It was EXACTLY what I needed! So here's to decision making.... :) For the record, I'm thrilled at all the possibilities. I'm also a little apprehensive. Haha. 
Wish me luck!


PS: I would HIGHLY Recommend watching the Princess and the Frog. I pre-ordered it like a month ago. Yes. It's THAT good. (I'm listening to the soundtrack right now.)

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Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

Amber I honsetly think you are an amazing person. I never thought I would be where I am today. It is definately possible to know oyu are suppose to do one thing and later realize there are other possibilities. You are a wonderful and smart girl, you will figure it out. I wish you good luck. Love you