Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest Star & Semester Update +.

Introducing Andy Evans: musically talented, lightbulb changing, rain puddle jumping, folk music loving, Armani shirt/cowboy boot wearing, shotgun shootin', coloring fiend! Andy wrote the last post, "Just Some Thoughts on a Cold, Sunday Evening." A little scary how much he sounded like me. (The punctuation was even close!!!) Haha! Thanks for updating my blog for all the peeps Andy. ;D

Here are some pictures of us coloring on Sunday.

I was informed that This was from the 8th Harry Potter book. "Harry Potter and the Failed Invisibility Cloak of Many Colors." Oh Andy.

I was coloring a knight in shining armor, who was slaying the dragon. I AM SUCH A GIRL. (Good thing huh?)

It's a serious business.

Ok, maybe not.

And now my attempt to update all of you on the fantastic life of a BYU student...Sorry, It's kind of jumbled!

This was our first outing of the semester. We decided to go tubing on Provo River. Hahahahahaha! I just remembered HOW COLD IT WAS, and how I definitely flipped over because the current was so strong and I thought I would just prop my feet against the tree branch, to wait for the roommies. BAHA. OH it was COLD, and the old men sitting on their back porches definitely laughed at me.

And This was our second outing! Hiking to Timp Caves!

Our third outing was to watch the Meteor Shower last night. We drove up Provo Canyon and watched it at 1:30 am. It was GORGEOUS. I absolutely LOVE stargazing.

Early on in the semester there was a Dance. Andy, Jeff and I decided to get dressed up, just for fun. It was a BLAST!!!!!!! And of course, we had to take some pictures!

All we needed was a pitchfork and we would have looked like that silly painting. lol.

Next was the Homecoming Parade! We ate blue pancakes...mmmmm.

Tara, Me, Andy and Sheila waiting for the parade.

And this was the Homecoming Game! Whoo!

We actually lost the game, but I loved hanging with the roomies! Here we are, pumped for the game...

Elder Uchdorf came and gave a fireside. Of Course, it was AMAZING and we had great seats. This is my Roommie Kelley & Me waiting for it to start.

This was actually the first picture we took that night...It was an accident to be zoomed in so close, but it turned out kinda cool.

OH! And we can't forget carving pumpkins!

This is mine. can you tell what it's supposed to be?

If you guessed "Starry Night", (Doo doo DOO!) you are right!
And Obviously my roommates are OBSESSED with Football.

On Halloween, Tara, Kelley & I decided to drive out to the barn (Kelley has a horse! His name is Lou.) And I took my Camera... On the way out to Spanish Fork, there were tons of cute little kids trick or treating in the middle of the day! It reminded me one reason why I love small towns- everyone gets out and about. I LOVE the community feeling! ANYWAY.....
Tara watching Kelley get Lou.

It was fun to watch Kelley ride and see how happy she is while working with Lou!

Halloween Night: Kelley and Tara LOVE Phineas and that's what they decided to be. we went to DI that day and got their costumes- it was Tara's first time EVER at DI. Ca-ray-zie.

Alex was Perry and I was Candice. We had some kinda fun! :D

And later that night we went Bowling. This is Mike being a Punk. (And me being OBNOXIOUS.)

After we went Bowling, we went home to watch "The Ring". It's a SUPER CREEPY movie. Anyway, we were in the middle of watching it and my Hometeacher, Jeremy and our friend Jared stopped by and kinda freaked us out by knocking on the door. It was an accident... after they had been gone for about 1/2 an hour, Val got a phone call.... I was like, *in a very scared whisper* "Val, you have a phone call!" Val: "I don't know who it's from!" at that point Nora and Kelley's phones go off...."Seven Days...." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It was such a good prank. Props to Jeremy and Jared. GOLLY. Happy Halloween!

And this is Women's Chorus! We have had a few concerts, all of them amazing, of course!
We did a medley of Gilbert and Sullivan songs, which involved props, and I was a Daisy in one of the songs. Lol. Oh my goodness. I love Singing!

In recent news, It SNOWED. And it's COLD! But I really am enjoying Hazlenut hot cocoa, and looking forward to building snow forts and sledding! I haven't really had the opportunity to do those things.... I'm a desert kid.

Look how pretty it is!

Man! Life is GOOD! I can't believe all of the crazy things that have gone on this semester; the funny thing is that we have so many more plans! My Roommates and I get along SO well! I don't think we could have picked a better set of roommies. And we Laugh all the time. Seriously- we are in stiches at several points in the day. How fun is that?!

My classes are going.....well they're going. :D I'm actually excited about a project that I have to do for one of them. I will have to blog about that when I finish it. I can't believe that there are only a few weeks left in this semster! It's gone by so quickly!!!!

Also in the life of Amber Lynn: The big 22 is coming....
You know how people have mid life crises? Can I have mine now, instead of at 40? I know I'm not old, but I still think of myself as like 18. It's WEIRD!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastically, glorious day! Thanks for taking the time to read bout my life!

<3 . Amberlynn


Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

I loved reading your blog! Its so great. Im glad you are havin fun and life is so good for you! Your last blog did sound like you! Loved all the pics. Love you and miss you! Have a wonderful day!!

Layton Love said...

Woo hooo! Go aggies pumpkin!!

Casey and McKelle said...

Haha Amber, when I read your last post, I thought, "That didn't really sound like Amber wrote it, but oh well..." I guess it sounded close enough that I didn't really think much of it...Then I read this post and realized that it really wasn't you! I was right! Haha, hope everything's going well, we need to get together SOON!