Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Some Thoughts on a Cold, Sunday Evening

Today was another regular day in the life of AmberLynn. Lately I've been dreaming of sledding. And hot chocolate. I know many of you think I'm allergic to chocolate (which I am) but I've discovered that certain kinds of hot chocolate aren't really chocolate, or the chocolate amount is dismal, so I can have it! And I can eat Oreos! Because those aren't real chocolate either! Isn't life great? Or is it depressing to learn that oreos aren't real chocolate?

I went to Dancesport the other day, and there were 10 year olds doing the Samba. What fascinated me the most was the little 10 year old boys could swing their hips better than the girls could. Is that wrong? It seems backwards. Who knew that gender identity issues could strike so young and on the dance floor. When I was 10 years old, you couldn't get me near a boy with 7' 5/16" inch pole. They were icky. Some still are.

I've also been pondering the significance of short-person behavior, impeddled depressed panchromatic resonance and other highly ambient domains. I highly encourage it.

My roommates have been wasting significant amounts of time on a website called This is just a place for anyone to write about the average adventures of life. What I've discovered from this website is how we can take pleasure in the simple things of life, and we don't need fancy adventures to make good memories. Have you ever noticed just how the simplest dialogue, or the look on someone's face after you said a good one-liner, or just seeing the interaction between complete strangers really makes your day? We should all try to take those simple adventures, interactions, happenings, and situations and just really enjoy them. Maybe you could post it in I think I'm going to.

In closing, I would just like to thank everyone for reading my blog. I especially want to thank any twins who read it. There is just something about twins that deserve a special thanks. Not that they are different in anyway, and I'm not discriminating them by singling them out, but they are great. Not many people can say they have a twin. Well, the other twin can.

p.s. This is a certified, genuine, legitimate, notorized, Amber Lynn blog. I've been paranoid lately that some people just might try to take over my blog and write stuff that shouldn't be there. But this is the real deal.


Paige said...

I love reading your blog :)

the landreths said...

I'm a twin and you're welcome for reading your blog. It's MY pleasure :).