Thursday, January 8, 2009


Christmas this year was so fun! Here's Some of our crazy traditions... My mom Makes these INTENSE Gingerbread Houses! I love it. It takes FOREVER, but they turn out AMAZING>

She Also lets my Brothers decorate some of their own...what a saint!
We hang Christmas Balls From the Ceiling....

And We make Caramels!!!!
For Christmas Eve we always go to my Grandma Gail and Papa Tom’s House to eat dinner and open presents. My Cousin, Jenny, her Husband, Zach, and their daughter, Allie, were there too. Allie is just so doggone cute!!! She kept us all entertained. :) it was really fun to reminisce with Jenny about past Christmas Eves where we would play “Office” (No, not like the TV show.) Lol. We were Awful to our younger siblings when we would play. And we’d always get rolls and ranch to eat in the Office. Lol. Oh memories!

Papa Tom

Grandma Gail

Opening Presents

Allie Waving

She is the Most Adorable little Girl!

Papa And Dad

This year I was employed as an Elf. Santa even let me taste the caramels and cookies that were left for Him. :) It was really great to see what goes on behind the scenes in Santa’s Workshop. There was quite a Haul under the tree this year too….

This was before the Haul...

I love Christmas Morning! It was so fun to see my family members’ faces as they opened their gifts. Lol. Ben’s face was priceless when he opened his Ipod. And Josh and Matt had great ones too as they saw their remote control cars. Drew loved his suit and Stephie liked her gifts. Mom and Dad really liked the Arcade games that I got them, Pac-Man and Digger and stuff like that. Lol.

See- Santa

Look at those Faces! Hooray for Race Cars!



Drew in his Suit Jacket
She's so happy! :) And she's going to kill me.

What's This?

Why Yes, it IS the best shirt you've ever had!


Me and Dad

Mom's FAVORITE GIFT...she walked around with it spreading Calm... :)

Dad...done with pictures :)

Josh had to put his pants up so they wouldn't get wet when he was testing his car....
Isn't he Handsome?

For Christmas Afternoon, we always go to my Grandma Janet and Papa Ted’s House. We ate dinner and then opened presents. My Aunt Lois and Uncle Chuck were there too! We love it when they come visit. My Aunt Lois and Grandma Janet laugh so much! (Kinda like how me and Stephie and mom laugh together. Sisters are the Best!) And Grandma gets Sassy! Lol. We love it! :) After we opened presents, Aunt Lois and Grandma taught us how to play Pirate Dice. It was fun! Lol. Then we had Pie! YUM! It was hard to leave that night!
Grandma and Lois making Dinner and Giggling!

Visiting with Family is the Best! I’m so glad that I got to go home for Christmas!



Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

WOW! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Steph is gonna kill oyu when she sees those pictures of her. I loved them. I enjoyed looking at them. WOW Drew is getting so big and he is handsome. My brother is dang handsome too. I wish I had a pic to show you. love you

The Pritchard Party said...

Awe, that sounds like a fun Christmas! I love your grandparents (the Martins) They are the sweetest people ever! And Allie has gotten so BIG!!