Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flying Home

My Parents bought me a ticket to fly home for Winter Break this year. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) The silly thing is that I was flying from Salt Lake to Denver and then from Denver to Phoenix. This was the first time that I would be flying by myself and I had only flown one other time that I can remember. It was a completely new experience…

My friend Jaz offered to drive me to the airport (which was amazing because we had to leave my apartment at 5:00 AM and then she would drive back home and find a ride to the airport later that day. Thanks Jaz!) I stayed up through the night because I decided to rearrange my room, AND I had to pack, AND I couldn’t go without showering. Lol. I was running around like a mad woman. And seriously, not sleeping is like being drunk. When I got in the shower, I SWEAR that the walls were tilted, and then later I was taking a pan out of the oven and I had to spread out the pecans (Pecan bars) and I GRABBED THE GLASS PAN THAT JUST CAME OUT OF THE OVEN!!! Seriously not thinking straight. And I was so worried that my bag was going to be too heavy and then they would charge me outlandishly. Lol. It turns out that 50 lbs is a lot. I don’t even think I hit 30 lbs. Haha! Everything was pretty uneventful. Nice people sat next to me and I slept most of the time. On the second flight I sat next to a couple that was deaf. It was neat to see them interact with each other and the flight attendants….Anyway, when we got close to Phoenix, I started getting excited! I stepped off the plane, and it looked like Phoenix, and it was warm like Phoenix, and it even smelled like Phoenix! It was wonderful! Then I met Mom and Josh, we went to get my bag and then we went to see dad at work. It was SO Good to see everyone!


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