Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here's some funny/ stupid insights into my life:

It's silly, but I really can't ever remember what I wrote in my last few blogs.

I cut my pinky finger on my razor while in the car. This one needs a little explanation: I took my razor to work to shave when I got there, and I forgot that it was in my purse; I started digging for something in my purse and ended up with a couple of nice gashes on my pinky...The razor was pretty new.

I have 67 days left until I move to Utah. I'M SO EXCITED!

I miss my buddies from EA.

I was asked to give the first talk in the New Singles Branch, then to do a musical number there on the 29th. (Future Blog Opportunity)

I made a bracelet and earrings the other day.

I get to pay off all of my debt by the end of the Summer!!! WHOOT!

And I guess that's about it for now....

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