Friday, May 23, 2008

Grateful for......Scholarships?

I've had a few experiences lately that have definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I have alot to be grateful for...Things like:

  • The opportunity to spend the summer at home with my wonderful family

  • I have a job with a manager that is easy to get along with

  • I have 2 legs to walk with and senses that I use everyday (I got a flat tire on my bike while riding home from work, I called my mom to come get me and it started raining...I had to laugh. I'm sure I looked silly)

  • I have the most wonderful parents

  • I have amazing friends (that I miss very much)

  • I can and do laugh at myself

  • I can look at the bright side of life

  • I know what I'm doing here!

  • I know the Plan of Happiness!!! :)

  • My Heavenly Father Loves Me

  • My Siblings are the Silliest in the world and they make me laugh like crazy.

  • Opportunities to dance in the rain

  • Wearing a sweatshirt in Phx in MAY

  • And just plain everything.
Today was amazing. I had a blast, and I really didn't do much. :) Went to work, did a couple of things to try to get Scholarships, and then just hung out with the fam...
If you would, I would appreciate it if you could vote for these pics! They're the 4 on the right hand side of this site---> You can vote everyday if you It's for prize money for scholarships. Thanks! You're the Best!

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