Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cortez Pool and BRRRRRR!!!!! tired. :o -zzzzzzzz. Lol. Today was "officially" the first day of open swim at the pool...And because it was only like 70 degrees and very cloudy, we never had more than 6 people in the pool at one time, and all of the lifeguards were wrapped in blankets and towels and jackets. It was quite a sight. Oh! and we have 2 ducks that live at our pool! That's never happened to us before. It's crazy! There were 200 kids in the pool the other day and one of them was just calmly floating around... one of the kids asked "Is that real?" It made me giggle. It was a good day, just a little slow, but it WILL pick up quickly, I'm sure of it. Swimteam starts on the 2nd! I'm kind of excited to see my kids again! :)

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