Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today was interesting. I drove 30 minutes yesterday (an hour round trip) to get keys to the pool, well I got there this morning and it didn't work so I made another hour round trip...that key didn't work either.... so ANOTHER hour trip only to find that the person I needed to talk to isn't there. Boo. So I left her a message and she has not called me back yet. LAME! City of Phoenix keeps sliding lower and lower in my book. Talk about a frustrating employer. My manager this year is great though. Very Chill. ANYWAY, I will probably have to take another trip down there tomorrow. :( I guess that's life huh? On a good note, I got to sleep in untill 9 today! WHOO!

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Turia said...

Yeah!!!!! You came back from the dead in the blogging world!
Good to hear from you again...
Keep it up!