Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunny Side Up +.

Today was sunny....I love the sun! Nothing better than rays of the sun kissin' your face! How many days left 'til Summer?!

Anyway, I am stoked for this weekend- Hoping it will be warm- My Cousin Jaron is Getting Married and consequently, I get to see the Jansons {it's been 3 years!} and my Parents and Grandparents are coming up! WHOOO! I'm super excited. [as stated above. haha.]

For now, I'm looking up recipies (like grilled pizza [YUM] and shish kabobs), and getting ready to give myself a pedicure while watching a movie. {All of my roommates are gone-which is weird! We're always together!} But it makes for a relaxing night!


Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

Let me just say one thing...I MISS YOU...the end!!!

Love, love!!!

katheryn baird said...

Amber OH Amber! I am so happy for you!(said like the lady off the wicked soundtrack)

I love your new outlook! So artsy! and I love artsy! Well why didn't you give me a call. I was probably sitting with my parents being bored to death. ha ha. Well I am so excited for your weekend. and I am still curious on who you are kissing on kiss a mormon day. ;)

love your secret admirer :)

A Piece of the Puzzel...Journey Through Life (Stacie) said...

sounds like you had fun. miss ya pal