Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{A New Adventure}

May 28th, 2009 started out like any other day...I got up, went to work and was able to endure the bits of books flying off the grindstone past my face until 5 o'clock- needless to say, I was STOKED that I was able to work that long. I had decided to ride my bike that day because the weather was GORGEOUS. So I start to ride home...as I am FLYING down Rape Hill (don't worry, it was still light outside) I start thinking "my brakes are almost dead...I need to get that fixed...and my gears don't shift like they should...I think I just need to take the bike in for all-around maintenence...". I came to the light at University and 1st W. and had to stop...Red Light! I start to go, change gear, stand up on the pedals to gain momentum and my foot goes Chrashing into the street...."WHAT?! OW!!!" I get off my bike awkwardly, pick up my keys that I dropped, look back at the car behind me to see their faces twisted in concern and I limp off to the side of the road. I catch my breath...and try to start riding again. Nope. Something is wrong with the bike...limp a few hundred feet, take a closer look at the bike...THE CHAIN CAME OFF. Stupid bike. So I put the chain back on and ride the rest of the way home. I ice my foot which by this point is already bruising and swollen. I think it might be broken. Whoops. The next day, it is still swollen, bruised and Killing me so I decide to skip work and the Amazing Quinn (No not Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) takes me to the Urgent Care Center. The doctor tells me that it doesn't look broken, but since it hurts so bad that I should be on crutches. BUMMER. It was exactly like this ...
Seriously. The Sore armpits were the worst part of hurting my foot!!! Anyway, now I know that crutches are NOT TOYS. I'm just glad I'm off of them! That is not an adventure that I'd like to repeat!

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