Saturday, June 13, 2009

Andy to the Rescue!

On Sunday, Molly (our RS Pres.) informed us that the 27th ward was planning a ward date....the problem was that they expected many more men to go than women, so they asked us to volunteer to go on the date...And we did.

Molly, Me, Becky & Kimber

Tonight we showed up and OF COURSE there were more women than they told us to call all the men in our phone book. Haha! So Molly called Andy.

And can I just say that I'm SO GLAD he came! He saved the day! The Girls decorated these bags and then the boys picked them....He picked ours! WHOO!!! We had so much fun...We ate subs and learned that Andy's dream job when he was 5 was to stock the milk cartons at Maceys. Oh Andy. Then we played frisbee golf and then Volleyball. Whoo!

Andy,Thanks for saving the Day and going on a polygadate with Molly and Me!!!

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