Sunday, June 14, 2009

Draper & Oquirrh Mountain $.

I've been lucky enough to go to a couple of Temple open houses here in Utah. The First was the Draper Temple. {Both Links [one more below] have pictures Provided by David Terry}. This was my first EVER temple open house. It was GORGEOUS. I cry like every time I see the chandelier from the celestial room.

SEE?! I don't have words...
I also found out that the Phoenix, AZ Temple (which is 7 minutes from my house) is going to be like the Draper Temple, only smaller. I AM SO STOKED. The fact that the Draper temple was the first temple that I have ever been inside (Besides the Baptistry) makes it really special to me. I'm excited that The Phoenix one (which will be MY Temple) will be similar in design.

The Next Temple was the Oquirrh (said OAK-er) Mountain Temple. OH MY GOODNESS. SO BEAUTIFUL! The windows were phenomenal. And The Artwork was unique and so inspirational. I don't think I've ever seen art that I've liked more...AND AGAIN with the CHANDELIERS! DAZZLING!!! They were star shaped! I loved it!
Sealing Room

Main Room
Chandelier in Celestial Room

Celestial Room (I can't wait to be able to come here anytime!!!)
Anyway- I love Temples...they are amazing!!!
If you want to know why Mormons Build Temples Go here to watch a short video.


The Pritchard Party said...

Those ARE beautiful!! If you like pretty chandeliers... go to the San Diego temple when you're able to. Drop dead gorgeous!

Andrea and Reid said...

I know, I got to see the Oquirrh Mountain temple before it was opened to the public!! (Reid's dad is in charge of audio/visual..the first tent you go in). My favorites are those trees in the celestial room because they are real!!!!! and I havent been to the Draper yet, but soon!! I work next door to it. Isnt it kind of mystical when you go through temples prior to dedication?