Monday, June 15, 2009

Cupcakes $.

I love baking! Today I decided to make cupcakes! Too bad the frosting tastes like butter...they're better cold and I sprinkled sugar on them to help, but it's definitely a butter taste. blugh! Anyway- I had fun!

Joy pointed out the fact that my spatula matched my flower, so she took a picture.

Preparatory Stage

YUM! ♥.


The Pritchard Party said...

What adorable designs on the cupcakes! How cute!

Marquette Mower said...

Cute cupcakes! Cute picture of you too!

katheryn b. said...

Those cupcakes were delicious!

Laurie said...

How creative you are!!

J said...

Those look so so good!!!! We have to have a cupcake party in fall, ok?

Brian said...

Cute Cupcakes. You can be my soux chef:)
Hey how did you do the cute font? I love it!