Saturday, January 31, 2009

A "4th watch" God. - Mostly For My Memory

So this past couple of weeks, I haven’t been sure that I wanted to pursue music. I was just not feeling like anything was going my way…then everything changed. I broke down earlier this week and just started pouring my heart out to Heavenly Father. I had been praying and reading my scriptures (could have been a bit better at the scriptures), I had paid my tithing, I was trying to figure out everything with the loans….and nothing was happening….there were tons of great talks about enduring and fighting for right and counting blessings, A man in my ward even talked about how Christ was a 4th watch God. He waited until almost the end of the storm to help his disciples. He delivered them after they had weathered most of the storm…I was trying so hard. But I lost it. I prayed for assistance….on behalf of my family back home, they don’t have money to help me and I couldn’t support myself. So Wednesday, I Prayed. I then went up to the office and amazingly, everything started falling into place…My world started to right itself (well Heavenly Father righted it). The woman who was supposed to call me, e-mailed me, and said that my check should be in at the beginning of next week, and that she would call me as soon as it came in. I had a pretty good day in Italian, and I was asked on a date! Wednesday was a great day…Thursday was good too, except for Italian, I almost cried because I was so confused…But we had an awesome enrichment- cultural food night….and then I came home and checked my e-mail…I had a notice that I owed BYU money for voice lessons. I swore that I had dropped the voice lessons, but sure enough, I checked and I was still enrolled. Then I talked to Joy and Taisha FOREVER. I love those girls. They are seriously AMAZING. We always have gospel discussions. ANYWAY this morning I prayed again, asking for a confirmation that I was to major in Music. Yes. The answer was yes. And when I received this answer, holy moly, I can’t even describe the amount of joy I had in my soul!!!! I knew it was right! So I went to talk to the Registration office. They explained that basically, it would be easier to just take the class than to drop it, because the deadlines had already passed, and there would be crazy petitions involved. So I went to talk to Brother Reedy, my assigned teacher. We talked and I am still going to take lessons this semester! I was ecstatic, so much so, that when I walked out on the sidewalk I squealed and then slipped on the Ice. Haha. And Today was awesome. I went to the bookstore and bought some food, then I went to study my scriptures… and then I studied Italian from 12 to 4. It was crazy, and I feel bad because I missed work, but I believe I did well on the test today! And I understood more when Bro. Reall was talking. I was so happy! Then I came home, and actually went grocery shopping…hahahaha. That was fun. And I ran into some girls from my ward, so we all walked home together. Ah! It was so fun! Then I came home and ate…and watched “Charly” with Taish and Austin. Ah. We all cried like crazy. I love that movie….Anyway, that’s about it. I loved this crazy messed up week…It’s been so good and I truly appreciate what I have now. :) Good thing Heavenly Father knows what’s going on! I am SO GRATEFUL for LIFE!!!!


Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

You are one amazing girl!! I loved hearing about your week! I miss you soo much! Heavenly Father is amazing...He always knows what we need and does things in the most mysterious ways sometimes and its always what we need at the time wherther we know it or not. You are GREAT!!!

kendle sue said...

you never cease to amaze me amber! you have such faith! thanks for your example! :)