Thursday, December 11, 2008

They're baaaaack!

Dear World. I’m still alive. In fact, I turned 21 this past week. Crazy huh? On Wednesday, I came home and my Roommates had decorated. Last Thursday was awesome. I woke up to a phone call from my family….My mom started this tradition where she wakes everyone up (except the Birthday person) and we go in and sing to them at like 5 in the morning…So they called me. :D Then I went back to sleep for a while. When I woke up, I got ready for my work meeting. I got there and they sang Happy Birthday. Lol. Go Library Employees! I then took work off and went home to relax for awhile. When the mail came, I got a letter from my mom, and 2 more from my Grandparents. My mom’s had a “birthday badge” in it. Another tradition we had was that on our birthday, my mom would make a really cool badge for us to wear to school so everyone knew it was our Birthday. This was in the Early Elementary Grades….and then when I got to my 16th birthday, I asked her to make another one for me, and she has made one ever since. That morning I had almost told her I didn’t have one, and that I was sad. Lol. Then it showed up in Mail! Lol. When I talked to my mom, she said it was weird that only that one showed up because each member of my family had written me a card and she had mailed them all the same day. The next day, the rest of the letters shower up. Lol. ...My Parents got me a Web Cam....and you can take crazy pictures with it....See? Lol. Later McKelle picked me up and we went to her house and just hung out for awhile. She is AMAZING> she made me a Birthday Cake! It was so cute. And she got me a cool calendar. I love it. When I got home, I opened the presents from my Roomies. Katie wrote a sweet card, Kat and Val got me BYU scrapbook paper and a Chizzel It, and Ally got me a cool box and the Reflections of Christ CD. I have AMAZING Roomies. Then Taish, Kat, Val, Ally and I went to Dinner at P. F. Chang’s. That is DEFINITELY my FAVORITE restaurant. It was YUMMY. We then went to play at the park. It was COLD, but Fun.
Then we headed over to Trafalga to go GOOFY GOLFING!
It was an inside course and it was under a blacklight. It was great. Kat won and I, the Birthday Girl came in dead last. Lol. The night was great, and we had a blast. My 21st Birthday was the Best! Whoot!


the landreths said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds so fun!

Sheri said...

Happy birthday Amber! Glad it was such a nice one for you. You have a fun Mom. and Great roomies!

katheryn b. said...

Oh that was a fun day! Um..I want to take crazy pictures with you on your web cam :) EEEEeeeeeeee! xoxoxox or x sign with the o underneath(the one you made up last night)