Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wyoming Trip

I received a call on Wednesday that my Great-grandmother had passed away. I was dazed. Consequently I ended up walking out into traffic. I didn’t even realize it until my roommate caught up to me and pointed out that I was IN TRAFFIC. I was in a trance. It was crazy! We had a good laugh about that later. Anyway, I found out a day later that my mom, grandparents and aunt were coming to pick me up on their way to Wyoming on Friday. I was so excited to see my family. I have been so so so SO homesick lately. We got out to the van to load my stuff and I saw 4 seats….and 5 people. I just said… “Oh, 4 seats….” And I guess I made a funny face…My Grandpa said, “Well there’s a luggage rack….” Lol. What a character. Turns out they brought 2 cars. We drove to Salt Lake that night and we stayed at my Aunt’s Friend’s House. It was BEAUtiful, And so so fun. While we were pulling into the gated community where we were saying, somebody honked at us, and they got stuck behind us (there was no left turn lane). They finally moved, and when we were talking later that night my Grandma goes, “She didn’t want to be there and couldn’t figure out how to get out, so all she could do was honk. That didn’t move her did it?” It was HILARIOUS. Then we went and got pizza, and it was funny because it took so much work to get us in the car and going, and then we ended up stopping at a pizza place and making my Grandpa go in to order. Then we waited in the car and my Aunt Shelley told stories about her mission, “Go two farsees, then turn left by the bent tel’phone pole, down by where the johnson’s old barn burned down bout fi’e year ‘go…” LOL. Do you KNOW what a FARSEE is??? 2 farsees = You go as far as you can see once, and then as far as you can see again…. Bah-ha. Anyway, we finally got back to the house and ate and then went to sleep. The next morning we got up and got ready, then we were playing the GRAND PIANO. Seriously. GRAND PIANO. And of course we took pictures. My Grandma was playing, and my Grandpa was taking her picture, and he said, “Smile!” She grumbled “No.” Lol. Feisty Grandma. We all busted up. Then we got in the car and drove FOREVER. Ok. Like 6 hours. It was way fun to talk to my mom though. We also ALWAYS stop at the Little America, look at the giftshop and get an ice cream cone. Mmmmmm...Later, When we stopped to use the restroom, my mom borrowed my Aunt's CD and we listened to Josh Turner...Mmmmm. I love His music. Seriously, So good. We finally got to Wyoming. It was so so so good to hang out with Family. Alot of them I got to know for the first time. It was really neat to "meet" all of these cousins that were around my age. In AZ, I was the oldest cousin, then my sister, my brother, 2 cousins, 2 more brothers, 1 more cousin, and 1 more brother... No one my age. Lol. Anyway, I loved being around family my age. I listened to the song that I was going to sing at the funeral for about 45 minutes....then went to sleep. On Saturday, I woke up late (HAPPINESS!) And we just kinda hung out all day. We had a family breakfast-it was DELICIOUS! Then I practiced more....Then I don't know...just general hanging out. Sunday was the day we got ready for the funeral. We talked to the Minister about Greatgrandma, My mom wrote her Eulogy, and then I went to practice the songs I sang at the funeral. It was cool because the Pianist was my Aunt's (on the other side- on the same side- of the family) Best Friend growing up! Whoot! Then my Grandma & I took a nap, and then later, we went to dinner. On Monday, we woke up, then went to Wal-mart to get a knee brace for me. (I still don't know what happend to it.) Another of my Aunts came into town and then we got ready for the funeral and went. It was a beautiful funeral. The Graveside service was also neat. All of the children and grandchildren got to put a white rose on her casket. There were lots of white roses. We then went to The Elks Lodge for dinner. We took TONS of family pictures. We didn't know when all of the cousins would ever be all together again. They turned out great though. :) We then went back to My Aunt Mary's house and I set up a Family Blog. I still need to e mail everyone the information for it. Sorry!!! That night I cried and cried and cried. I didn't want to come back to Utah. I wanted to go home with my mom. Lol. Tuesday was good, we got up and had breakfast and packed. Then we loaded the car and took off! We drove 6 hours....then we did a little shopping and I got some boots! Whoot. Definitely cried more when my mom left. But now it's all good. Wyoming was awesome. I've got to go back soon. :)


Sheri said...

What a fun trip for you. Sorry it had to be a funeral. I am crying just reading the story. I am sure you miss your Mother. I do and she's not my Mother. Hang in there! Hugs!

Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

Sounds like a fun trip to see your fam. I'm sorry about your Grandma. I'm sorry you had a hard time leaving your family...I completely understand. I love you tons and will hopefully see you soon. Hang in there buddy. :)