Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day in the life of a

Fool. Yup. Love that song. Anyway, life has been a little crazy this week but SO GOOD.

Funny Story: Yesterday I went to work and I was trying to get the book scanner to work, it wouldn't recognize the books, but the scanner still popped up, so I was talking to my friend Bethany, I ran the red scanner beam over her and said "I'm checkin' you out." Needless to say we laughed for 10 minutes. Maybe you just had to be there... Or maybe you just have to work at the Library to think it's funny. Lol.

Yesterday we also had enrichment. It was so wondeful! We had a dating pannel. I thought it went really well! There was great food, good questions, and smooth talking men. The girls loved it and we had a GREAT turn out! I mean, 50 girls in attendance is amazing! I think it helped tons to be able to find out what men think about dating. All the girls seem way more comfortable being themselves in the dating game. Thank you to all who helped!!! You are INCREDIBLE!!!


Valerie said...

Oh my! I would laugh so hard if I said that too! I love you! You are so cute!

And so sad I missed the enrichment activity. I bet it was so fun!

Schultz Family said...

Well lookie here...a fellow blogger! I am so thrilled!

Paige said...

I just checked my old email account and found your blog invite :)

I'm glad you're having a blast--BYU looks way more fun than stinky ole UofA ;D