Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Temple Square Experience

I was able to go to the General Relief Society Meeting This year. AH- MAZING!!!! It was SO great! I loved elder Uchtdorf’s talk. He spoke on our infinite worth & divine nature & being happy with those things that we CAN do! For those of you who don’t know, this is one subject that I am very passionate about! I wish every woman would realize how special she is & how much the Lord loves her! Elder Uchtdorf was right on!
After the broadcast, the girls that I went with walked down to Temple Square. I had never been there before. It is breathtaking. We were only able to spend a few minutes there, but the girls promised to bring me back to see the Christmas lights!!! I love love love the Salt Lake Temple!


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The Pritchard Party said...

You HAVE to go for Christmas lights. It's SO pretty. The Joseph Smith building even has this humungo tree in the middle of it. It's awesome. Just dress warmly, because you thought Homecoming was cold??? Look on my facebook for some of those pictures. My noes is BRIGHT red! I look like rudolph!