Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok. TOTALLY STOKED. One of my girlfriends called me on tuesday and said "My Husband goes to Salt Lake for class on Thursday nights, and so, I was thinking that you should come over and we can do craft projects and then we can make dinner and you can eat with us when he gets home!" And I said, "YES YES YES!!!" So Today she came and picked me up from school and we went shopping (for craft things of course!) and then we went back to her house. It was so fun to just catch up and do crafty things! I made a couple of magnets for my magnetic Calendar. (This will probably be my project for a few weeks.) Then we made Enchiladas! YUMMY! When her husband came home, we ate and talked and laughed some more. It made me excited for Married life someday. It also made me thankful for married friends. And Also It made me thankful for Priesthood in the home. Her husband said the blessing on the food, and the spirit was just so prevalent. There was just such a difference between my apartment and their home, It was definitely the priesthood.

Anyway, I had the best time just laughing and crafting with McKelle! I can't wait for next Thursday night! Thanks Kelle!!!


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