Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rant... Rant, Complain.... Rant, RANT!

Ok. If you really want to know, continue reading. If not, I understand.

For the past few years (5 to be exact) I have lifeguarded at a City of Phoenix Pools. I have endured not getting along with a staff member (or MORE, but I love this year's staff at my pool) and a manager that I "just didn't click with" to put it nicely. I've put up with budget cuts and shortened hours and TONS of CRUD from the STUPID city! Now this past week has really heightened my HATRED for the City of Phoenix Aquatics Program...Many of you Probably don't know what's going on. WELL- LET ME TELL YOU.

It all started at Stephanie's Pool- Starlight. Almost all of their staff and many of the patrons got sick, like REALLY sick (Stephie was one of the 4 that DIDN'T get sick) for like a Week (maybe 2) and so they closed the pool. They started getting better, so they reopened the pool for a few days before *WHAM!* they SHUT DOWN ALL 29 CITY OF PHOENIX POOLS. That means that I personally lost about $500 because I couldn't go to work. But it gets even better. I had eaten some watermelon on July 7th and it turns out that it was bad. So naturally, I got sick. So I called into work on the 8th. THEN this all started coming out that there was a parasite called Cryptosporidiosis in the water...basically you get stomach-flu like symptoms until you get rid of the parasite (so it lasts FOREVER). WELL, they called and told me that they shut down all of the pools for a week, then they called me AGAIN to say that since I had "been sick" I couldn't come back to the pools until it had been 2 WEEKS since I had last been sick. I was FRUSTRATED because I knew I had only been sick from the Watermelon, but I decided to calmly deal with it. So I talked to my manager and he said I could be tested to make sure I didn't have it, and then come back to work. Well, It was a hassle, and I didn't want to go be tested...ugh. Well I figured out what the Test entailed, and was going to go be tested the next day, But I got a call from my Coordinator, who asked me what I experienced with my illness. "I was nauseous for 10 minutes and threw up once. " Then she goes, " Why don't you go back to work- I'll Clear you to go back to work." YES!!! VICTORY and NO TEST! Whoo! So I went to work today to help clean everything with bleach...then I went and got my haircut, my manager called and said that we are opening the pool again and so I needed to go to work tomorrow...I went home and had an enjoyable few hours with my brothers ...AND THEN my mom said that someone from the city had called AGAIN and said that things had changed and that I DO have to be tested! WHAT!?!?!?!? I HATE THE CITY OF PHOENIX!!!!! WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE UP THEIR MINDS AND STICK TO IT!?!?!? The other thing that INFURIATES me is that they just left a message with my mom. I love my mom and I'm so glad she was there to take a message. But the CITY SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME! I'm 20 and I am held accountable for what is going on. My parents can't do it for me anymore! I will get into trouble if I don't do "it", and I'm not even sure what "it" is because they didn't call ME!!! STUPID STUPID CITY!


So I really don't know what's going on and I just want to cry. I hate work. I hate not having money for school. I just want to go to BYU. Now. Please?

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The Pritchard Party said...

Yeah... I'd say you need BYU... AND a new job. I'd be pretty frustrated too for sure!