Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The End.

Well tonight I said goodbye and good luck to one of my dearest friends. She is going to Nevada for school on the 9th.

The thing is, I've always considered her to be my "twin buddy" meaning we were always going through the same time of life and doing the same things. Ok, well she is actually like my older sister. She moved to my ward when I was 11 and she was 12. And I've followed in her footsteps the entire time growing up. She was always the best example for me and we always had a great time together. When she went off to college a year before me, I really thought that it would be the end of our close relationship. But I ended up going to the same college a year later (still following her footsteps). She also ended up staying a year longer to finish up her degree, so we had 2 more years together and we became closer and closer. Now, having graduated, we've decided to go to different colleges, me to BYU and her to UNR. I'm SO excited for her! But I'm going to miss her like crazy! It was hard to part tonight!

Well, Tana I love you! You are the greatest! I just hope you know that! Thanks for always being there for me buddy! I miss you already!

Talk to you soon!


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The Pritchard Party said...

I think Tana's a mentor and a great example to everyone. YOU ROCK TANA!