Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So I have had 2 days of Swim team (coaching) and Swim lessons so far and my skin has become about 6 shades darker. Thank goodness for good genes that I burn and am then tan in a period of 5 hours - 2 days depending on the strength of the burn. Lol. I am pretty much guaranteed to get skin cancer at 25. It's all good though. Stephanie is permanently red through the ENTIRE SUMMER. She looks like a cute little cherry. lol. I'm excited because this summer we are both swim coaches at different pools and we have swim meets together so we will actually get to see each other this summer! And the 3 younger boys are on my team, they're so fun to watch swim! I'm just all-around excited to be a coach this summer.

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Lathe said...

I am so glad you are loving the lifeguarding!! And you were worried! I told you things would be great! Too bad I MISS YOU!!! I hope I get to see you before you leave me for Utah! haha! Love you!