Sunday, May 27, 2012

Carpe Tarp

I told my mom that I would blog
the story of our Traveling to Utah...
It was quite comical.

First and foremost, 
My Grandparents are the Best. 
All 4 of them. 
I truly appreciate all of the effort they put into helping out!

Second and still very important-
My Mother is Magnificent.
I mean, 
who else would drive 12 hours one day, 
help unload the truck, 
sleep for a few hours,
get up crazy early and go to walmart,
and drive back 12 hours that day?
Only a Mom. 
I love her.

I made a split second decision to move back to Utah.
I honestly can't tell you why it happened.
But so far things have fallen into place-
Which is a huge blessing!
I am still looking for a job,
I have a few leads....
I can get one soon.

Back to the story of our travels.

The day came very quickly, 
I was a little sleep deprived
 from packing for 3 nights straight after work...
but I was so proud of myself for getting rid of so much junk.
{I'm an aspiring hoarder.} 

When I woke up,
I got ready and started loading the truck.
I fit everything but the guitar...
which is pretty good considering 
the fact that I still had WAY too much stuff.

Drew and I folded a tarp
and put it over the back of the truck.  
We fastened it with some of those 
ratcheting straps...
Do I know what they are really called? 
Drew even showed me how to work them
Just in case we got stopped by the Dam Police {ha.}

Mom & I stopped at sonic {for crack ice} and away we went! 
In the wrong direction... for an hour. Oops.
Want to tell me how we did that even with a GPS?
Yes. It's true. 
I am THE WORST driver in the world.
I'm a great navigator...but if I'm the one driving,

During that hour,
the tarp came loose, 
so we had to pull over and shove it 
under some of the things in the back.
We started in the right direction after that.
{Remember how we also lost an hour switching to daylight savings time?}

We jammed to some Broadway classics.
And when my CD ended, 
One of my Grandparents started...
{we borrowed Papa's Truck}
And I was like,
"I've never heard this song before."
I didn't realize that it had switched CD's.
We had a good laugh about that 
because it happened like 4 times.
By the last time I said, 
"Hey, this song sounds familiar..."
{Remember the sleep deprivation?}

We stopped and learned how to get diesel gas.
{You have to go to the pumps with the green hose.}
And we stopped to fix the tarp a few more times.

We also found out that the overpass by the 
Hoover Dam was done. 
So we took that.
And laughed really hard
when mom made a crack about 
no more Dam Construction.
{Gosh I love her!}

The best tarp story was when
we had to stop on the side of the freeway.
And we got out and literally almost got blown away.
There was TONS of dust. 
I've never been where the wind blows that strongly.
By this point we had pulled the ropes so tight 
that we couldn't get them undone without some major effort.
so we started pulling at the tarp to unfold one side 
to tuck it down even farther into the truck.
I think we pulled for 10 minutes. 
I had to climb up on top of the load to pull at the straps,
mom was pulling at the tarp...
All the while the wind was blowing our shirts up around our shoulders. 
We are trying to hold our shirts
Fix the tarp 

I finally tucked in the front corner of my shirt,
We thought we had the tarp situated,
and we started off again.
Two seconds later we had to stop and fix it again.
Same drill. 
And when we got back in the car,
Our hair was AMAZING.
I wish I had a picture.

So the next stop was a gas station to fill up
and buy some bungee chords to really hold that stupid tarp down!
Guess who walked into the gas station
with the front part of their shirt tucked in?
This goofball.
Between my hair and my shirt,
it. was. fabulous.

We also figured out at that stop
that the cooler had been leaking on
some really nice art that I brought.
Luckily the sheet it was wrapped in
soaked up most of the water and the art was ok.

From that point on, 
the tarp stayed put.

We drove and drove and drove some more.
With an hour left on the drive, 
I started getting antsy.
So Mom drove.

We rolled into Provo at about 10:30{Really 11:30}
and started unloading
{Kelley, Tara, Me & Mom} 
And two boys, that none of us knew,
asked if we needed some help. 
What a blessing they were! 
They helped carry in the REALLY heavy boxes.
They probably saved us an hour of unloading.
And then just as quickly as they had showed up,
they were gone!
{We all hoped that they were rewarded for their awesomeness.}

After that, Mom went to bed.
Kelley, Tara & I stayed up late talking and catching up.

Mom & I got up early the next day 
and went shopping and 
then she took off. 
The last hour of the drive was hard for her too.
But she made it back home.
{so glad!}

I am really glad to be back!
I'll have to blog about more adventures soon!



Paige said...

Ammmmmmmmber! Where you living girlfran?? Hit me up! I am about 4 blocks south of BYU.

Paige said...

Hah here's my number (duh) 6236948214