Friday, January 28, 2011

Josh Week!

 Josh Week Started on January 17th 2011...

Here's a Rundown of how it went!

It all started with a GIANT box...
 {Waiting patiently to open His surprise}

 {Party in a Box!}
 {Comes with a Banner, Balloons that pop out when you open it, Creme Soda, and an envelope... }
 {Opening the Envelope}

It told him that this was Joshua Week and to come back each day after school and Check for a new envelope...
 {Super Excited!}

{Contents of Party in a Box}

The Goods:

Day 1: Party in a Box
Day 2: Gummy Bears {Hugs}
Day 3: Game Coupons {He LOVES board games!}
Day 4: Cologne from Bath & Body {He wanted it- All the Brothers have some. Ha! He's so grown up!}
Day 5: Money Scavenger Hunt {9 one dollar bills, as he was turning nine}
Day 6: 3D Movie of His Choice {Gulliver's Travels}
Day 7: Despicable Me {Had been BEGGING for this for Forever!}

And here we are with our Stunner Shades-

{How cute is He?!}

After the Movie on Saturday, you had better believe he used one of these bad boys to play....

RISK! {The Longest board game EVER.}

{The Set up}

{Ben teaching us how to play}

{Decisions, Decisions.....}

{Making War sounds as All Little boys do.}

Happy 9th Birthday Joshua! I love you!!!


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