Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer's End

Wait, who am I kidding? Summer ending in Arizona? PFFFFFFFFTTTTT. Riiiiiiight.

Anyway, here are a few of the things I have been up to this summer.

#1. Twilight Party

Mom, S & I  were invited to a Party/ midnight showing of Eclipse. It was so fun! When we arrived at the party, it was all we could do to not drool over all of the fun decorations and yummy food! We walked up the driveway and I nearly jumped out of my skin...Edward was sitting in the car in the driveway! I thought it was a real person and when I came to my senses I thought that it was really creative to have a life size cutout in the car. Haha! Then, we walked into the back room and Jacob was outside staring in through the window.... Not to mention all of the quotes on the mirrors and the sugar "blood" on the glasses. We all had a grand time discussing our twilight fan-ness and playing creative trivia games. Thank you Amanda for hosting & Kiana for inviting us!
{all of the 'Yummy' things}

#2. Water Ballons & Youth

{My Girls. Love them!}
As you may have heard- I was called to be a leader in the Youth Group at my Church. Our first activity that I attended was a massive water balloon fight. The prep work consisted of filling up 500 balloons (just between my brother and I! There were a ton of balloons.) It was a pretty intense night. But the sky was absolutely gorgeous! It was a blast.
{Love how the Moon is right above those beautiful clouds}

#3. Visiting Kaighty in Parker, AZ

By the time July rolled around I was READY for a Vacation and I hadn't seen my friend Kaighty in over a year, so I decided to go visit! And may I just say, It was FABULOUS. We relaxed, ate good food, chilled (or rather, Baked) at the lake, watched some awesome movies, went shopping, caught up on our lives and enjoyed each other's company. She then came to my house and endured the longest monopoly game ever. :) Thank you Kaight for letting me come visit you!

#4. Started working at New Balance

Oh, How I LOVE my job! 1. I love shoes. 2. I love helping people and 3. I find old people and children HILARIOUS. Needless to say, it's a perfect job for me. And I now know a TON about shoes....If you have questions, please, ask me. I really do love it!

#5. Family Vacation in Sedona

Where to start? We all CRAMMED and I mean CRAMMED into the Van (I literally had a claustrophobia/panic attack in the backseat as we were leaving.) and drove for 2 hours to beautiful Sedona. We went swimming, watched movies, did puzzles, went hiking and had a 'Girls day' at Tlaquepaque....Shopping and jewelery making. Oh! And we went and watched the Meteor shower. It was breathtaking! I can't even tell you how much fun we had. It was our first (hopefully of many) 'Grown Up Family' Vacations.
{The Crammage.}

#6. Visiting Brittney in Gilbert, AZ

I went to see Brittney in Gilbert and she took me to Fountain Hills to see the Tallest fountain EVER. Haha. It was Superb. We then ate a wonderful lunch and headed to my new favorite store, Scrapbook inc. Guess how much I spent there? No wait. DON'T. I actually did VERY well restraining my personal purchases...but I sure "helped" Brittney find more than enough to buy. (Sorry Girl!) We then went and picked up some frosting so that Britt could teach me some basic cake decorating. I loved it! I wish that time permitted us to get together more often, though, I don't know if our bank accounts could take it. ;) haha!

Well, there you have it. I'm sure there will be many more adventures soon!

{ ♥.}


Stonez said...

Super cute post Amber! That pic of those Beehives is presh :)

The Pritchard Party said...

Um.... that Twilight party sounds SO FUN!!! I want to do that next time Breaking Dawn comes out!!