Friday, September 10, 2010

A "4th watch" God. - Revisited.

I know I have done quite a bit of 'Revisiting' lately, but I guess I need some more! Today before work, I was reading a friend's blog. She had posted a story called "Saving the Bees" that had me in tears. {Please read-it's short.}

It reminded me of what I had written in 'A "4th watch" God. -Mostly for My Memory':

"There were tons of great talks about enduring and fighting for right and counting blessings, A man in my ward even talked about how Christ was a 4th watch God. He waited until almost the end of the storm to help his disciples. He delivered them after they had weathered most of the storm…I was trying so hard. But I lost it. I prayed for assistance…."

Then I read, 
"As I thought about what he said, I realized how much I was like one of those drowning bees. When I faced a struggle in my life, I was prone to battle it out alone, convinced I was strong enough to make it. Trusting the Savior enough to stop 'treading water' was 
difficult. But as I watched Ben patiently pulling each bee out of the water, I began to understand how willing the Savior is to help me. " -STB

I have been feeling confused again about Utah/School and when I read this, I felt like coming home to AZ was the Savior offering the pole to me. I was treading water/drowning in Utah. 

I feel so blessed! Being in Arizona has given me many opportunities to let my wings dry so that I can take flight again. Thank you Melissa for posting that story this morning. You helped me make a connection that I sincerely needed to make to be able to move on with  my life.

I know that Jesus Christ is there, just waiting for us to turn and ask for help. We can call out to Him at ANY point, and He will help! 


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Melissa said...

Oh Amber I'm so happy that I was able to help you. I had just really liked that story and felt like sharing. I didn't know somebody needed it :) I'm glad you're doing well in Arizona. And when your wings dry out some more, you should totally fly and visit me sometime!