Thursday, May 6, 2010

BYU Women's Conference

Women’s Conference Weekend was SUPERFANAMAZWONGLORFECT.  Mom came up on Tuesday night. On Wednesday we went {SHOPPING.} And I mean Shopping. I had a bunch of projects I wanted to do in order to help my poor apartment. Of course, we had to do it on a budget. {I love finding deals though!} Mom spoiled me too. {Thanks Mama!} Currently, I am planning to
|  Hand- stitch a design on curtains from IKEA for my closet
|  Make a valence for my Kitchen Window out of my favorite fabric ever
|  Paint the cinderblocks under my bed Red and stamp black heart/swirl designs {I swear it will be cuter than it sounds}
|  Paint the same black designs on my cork board
|  Hang ribbon/a strand of twinkle lights across the room and hang snapshots from it
    And I think that’s it for now. I’m pretty excited! I love craft projects!
    Thursday & Friday were WC. The classes I went to were Marvelous! I needed to hear what was said. I ended up making it into every class I wanted to go to and learned SO MUCH. I have already been able to implement some of the lessons learned into my life. One class I went to talked about the Atonement of Christ and how it covers more than just sin. It covers the whole mortal experience. Well, I knew that it covered pain and sickness and things like that, but I was just trying to learn how to “give” my sin to Jesus. I had no Idea how to rely on Christ for sickness and things. It turns out that if you pray, and basically say, “It’s in your hands-please help” it all works out. It’s pretty doggone amazing. Miraculous. You might not be physically healed instantly, but you WILL have the strength you need to get through.
    A few more things learned:
    |  People came to Christ because they believed HE was Good. Not because they thought they were good. Therefore, do not ask, “Do you have enough faith to be healed?” Ask, “Do you believe Christ has the power and will to heal your heart?”  {Loved this.}
    |  Life does not happen as planned. Can you catch the Vision the Lord has for your life?
    |  It’s ok to be out of your Comfort Zone.
    |  LET the Lord comfort your heart. Don’t refuse to be comforted!
    |  The Lord is trying to get us Home. There are many ways to get Home!
    |  “The Lord needs Brave Sons and I must learn to be Brave.”
    |  “My God is a God of Miracles.”
    |  Life paths are NOT the same for Everyone.
    |  NO Pity Parties! They are Toxic Time Wasters.
      And it continued on & on & on…
      If you get the Chance, you should go. Really. {Fun Fact: Women’s conference is designed for Women & MEN over the age of 16.}   
      Oh! And the Thursday night entertainment is great!
      Driving Back to AZ is slightly LONG. Lots of pretty sights though!!!



      Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

      I miss your craftiness...someday I might pay you to make me something...if you would be up for it...would you be up for it??? <3

      Kari Lin said...

      Amber!! That picture of you in your car is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

      A. L. Martin said...

      Sarah- OF COURSE!

      Kari- Thanks!

      Love you Both! :)