Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Can I Keep From Singing? +.

Let me just tell you that I love singing. "How Much?" you ask. There aren't words! I feel that everything is right in the world when I am singing. My Soul soars! I love communicating through song. Heart to heart. Emotion to emotion. Soul to Soul. There is no faster nor more efficient way to communicate. *Sigh* Singing completes my life. Haha. 

And this is a really cute picture that I found on a friend's site....It's a little boy caroling while they were bringing their Christmas tree home- This is EXACTLY the way I feel when I'm singing!


SafariScholars said...

I miss singing with you too!!! (Said in a VERY pouty voice!!!!!) I want you to be HERE!!!! I miss you!!!

Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

Did you know that "How Can I Keep From Singing" is a song that was performed last fall??? I miss you girl!!!

Janet and Nate said...

Love your thought Amber!

"For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart....". Keep Singing!

Sister Frampton

katheryn b. said...

Love you amber! Glad you sing!