Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Providence UT $.

PROVIDENCE, UT VISIT- AKA: The Best Weekend I've had in AWHILE.

So my friend Sheri invited me to go and spend 4th of July Weekend with her and her Family. She and Shaylee picked me up Thursday the 2nd and We had an awesome drive to Providence, Ut. That night we had a cookout and Phil, Justin and Laura came too! We ate and Talked and Jumped on the trampoline (haha! That was crazy) and we played Cube. It was great! Justin and Laura opened their wedding present from Sheri and Justin said, "Amber, You need to get married! You're missing out!" Haha! It was really Funny!

Friday we woke up and went to IDAHO! Ok ok. It was Bear Lake...but it really was the ID side. That was the first time I've been to ID. Sad Huh? It was definitely a day of firsts for me! My first time Jet skiing. First time building a giant sand turtle. First time having an AUTHENTIC raspberry shake. First time absolutely FRYING- blisters and all...whoo. Seriously, I'm STILL peeling! Haha! But we had SO MUCH FUN! There are loys more pictures on my SRL too. I'll have to put more on here later! That night we went to watch Fireworks at J and Laura's Apt. Ang and Reid were there too! The fireworks were AWESOME, but My sunburn made me SO sick. I started shivering and getting nauseous. It was the time we got home, I was dead. I took some advil and Crashed!

Saturday we got up and Shaylee, Sheri and I went to a parade- it was fun and there were lots of cute kids. We went to a car show, and watched them drag main. Then we went back to the house, played Skip bo (Shaylee and Kayson won both rounds!!!) Rumikub and then lit fireworks... That was something new- in AZ they are Illegal....I had lots of fun with that! Haha!!!
It was sad to say Goodbye to J and Laura that night! I miss them tons!

Sunday was good- we went to Sacrament and then made Manicotti for dinner. We ate and talked a bit, and then Sheri and Shaylee drove me home. I had such a BLAST in Providence! Thank you so so so much for inviting me to hang out and taking care of me for the Weekend Sheri!!!!

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The Pritchard Party said...

How fun! I'm so jealous you got to see Andrea, Reid, Justin, and Laura! That would be so fun to spend the 4th with all of them. And I lit fireworks for my first time too! Fun huh?? Except I was a little scared, I'm not gonna lie.